Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cover Reveal ~ The Six Month Lease by Melanie Munton


Title: The Six Month Lease (Southern Hearts Club, Book 2) 
Author: Melanie Munton 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Release Date: August 18, 2020 
Cover Designer: L.J. Anderson at Mayhem Cover Creations 

Never have I ever…moved in with a guy after dating him for only three weeks. Just kidding. That’s exactly what I did. And like most of you are probably thinking, it inevitably blew up in my face when we broke up two days after signing our lease. Now, I’m stuck living with my ex. The same man who turned my life completely upside down in record time. For. Six. Whole. Months. It doesn’t matter how many times he flashes those abs at me after a shower, or how close his bedroom is to mine. I will resist him because he’s simply not the right guy for me. But if I thought he’d done a number on me before, that’s nothing compared to what happens after I finally learn the secret he’s been keeping from me this entire time.

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The hair on the back of my neck stands on end for about the seventeenth time in the past twenty minutes. So, I know that West is watching me from his position on the opposite end of the patio, where I know he’s been talking to a cute little redhead for the past four or so minutes. Not like I’m keeping track or anything. Not like he’s keeping track of me either. His predatory eyes have not been stalking me through the crowd, his powerful, agile body moving like a lithe jaguar. Or a sleek panther. He’s not gnashing his teeth at every male who comes within five feet of me. And he’s certainly not resisting the urge to bound over here and piss a territorial circle around me. He’s like a damn jungle cat. Every man at this party might as well be his prey. His body language has signaled that he sees every walking penis as a threat. He might as well roar out his possessiveness and declare his rank in the food chain to the rest of the jungle. When our gazes collide, something distinctly male and dominant gleams from his features. In that moment, I feel like I’ve been marked. Sirens start blaring in my head. Danger! Danger! Danger! “Would you please excuse me, Darren? I’m in need of a refill.” He politely dips his head, just like the southern gentleman I’m sure his momma raised him to be. “Of course.” Damn, he’s too nice. Why can’t I be into nice? I used to be. What the hell happened? West. That prick. I find a quiet bubble where I can gather my thoughts at the far corner of the house. There’s enough seclusion that no one will accidentally stumble upon me, yet I can still hear the low hum of the party behind me. I’m staring down at my shadow in the grass when someone steps into the path of the patio lights, shrouding my secluded bubble in darkness. Of course, he would follow me. Because he’s become an expert at doing the exact opposite of what I want—like leaving me the hell alone. And the way his hulking shadow looms over mine is reflective of how little control I have over the situation. West is like my own shadow. Permanent. Trails in my wake. Undetachable. When I twist around, I take a deliberate step back, needing that distance. “Looks like I’ve caught myself a little social butterfly,” he grates in a low voice. His eyes are narrowed. “Let’s talk, Harper.” I push my hands into the pockets of my shorts, striving for confidence. “So talk.” He snorts. “While I’ve loved your flare for exhibitionism in the past, let’s keep it private this time, shall we?” He snags my arm and starts pulling me away from the patio before I can release the mile-long tirade poised on my tongue. I am not an exhibitionist. We made out in an alley once. And he took some naked pictures of me on his phone once. Pictures he better have fucking deleted, or there’s going to be a nasty castration in his future. Before we broke up, Sloane and Carter invited us over here for dinner a couple of times, so West knows his way around the property. Which is why he knows exactly where the lush gardens are and how to navigate their maze of foliage. Maintaining his hold on my arm, he drags us down the gravel path until the patio and party are no longer visible through the mass of palm fronds, hedges, and azalea bushes. The only reason I’ve let him manhandle me up to this point is because I don’t want to make a scene at my friend’s party. I don’t want to be that couple. Not that we are a couple. Not even a little. But no one can see us now. And enough is enough. I rip my arm out of his grip, my feet planting roots in the ground. “Knock it off, West. Isn’t this pissing contest routine of yours getting a little old?” With his back facing me, he sucks in a deep breath and blows it out. The sight of his broad shoulders rising and falling with the movement mesmerizes me. I remember how sturdy those shoulders were whenever I used them as leverage to grind over his lap. It doesn’t help that the mint green button-down he’s wearing happens to be my favorite shirt of his. A fact I know he remembers. When his body whirls around to face me, his eyes are fierce and alert. “When have I ever given you the impression that I need to whip out a measuring stick just to get my dick wet? That pounding my chest and backing down every other man in the room somehow gets me off? Huh? When?“Are you serious? Uh, the night at the house in front of Emerson, for one. Tonight, for two.” “The night with Emerson was about me not wanting to witness, in my own home, how badly other men want to fuck you,” he snaps. “My own friends.” I swallow. The edges in his voice are sharp. Sharp enough to cut me if I don’t maintain my distance. Which proves difficult when he starts advancing on me, forcing me to retreat. “And tonight is about me losing control because I’m being forced to finally accept that other men do want to fuck you.” My back hits a tree. “And will fuck you. At some point in the future, it’s going to happen.” He slaps his hands against the bark, his arms caging me in. “Because I’m no longer the one who is fucking you.”


Melanie grew up in a small town in rural Missouri. After marrying her husband, she decided she wanted to try coastal life because why not? A few months later, they moved to North Carolina where she discovered her passion for writing, and they never looked back. They are now enjoying life with their beautiful daughter in Savannah, GA and loving every minute with their little Georgia peach.
Melanie’s other passion is traveling and seeing the world. With anthropology degrees under their belts, she and her husband have made it their goal in life to see as many archaeological sites around the world as possible.
She has a horrible food addiction to pasta and candy (not together…ew). And she gets sad when her wine rack is empty.
At the end of the day, she is a true romantic at heart. She loves writing the cheesy and corny of romantic comedies, and the sassy and sexy of suspense. She aims to make her readers swoon, laugh out loud, maybe sweat a little, and above all, fall in love.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Cover Reveal ~ BEFORE by J.M. Walker

Title: Before Us (Next Generation, #3) 
Author: J.M. Walker 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: August 3, 2020 
Cover Designer: Just Write. Creations 

Our relationship was toxic. Intense. Brutal. When she slipped out of my hotel room, I made it my mission to have her back in my bed. She ran. I chased. And when we finally crashed, I’d have to save her from the one person she trusted most… Me.

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J.M. Walker is an Amazon bestselling author who hit USA Today with Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. She loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day.
"Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life..." ~ Nora Ephron


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Blog Tour ~ The Goodbye Guy y Natasha Moore


by Natasha Moore A Men of Lakeside Novel Publication Date: July 20, 2020 Genres: Adult, Entangled: August, Contemporary, Romance


Rachel Bradford is finally living her dream as the star of her own interior design show. But ratings are slipping, and if she wants to save the show, she has to set an episode in the hometown she fled. Worst of all, she’s going to have to work with the cocky bad boy who humiliated her.
Single dad, Beckett Colburn plans to turn an old fire station into a neighborhood bar. He’s blindsided when he discovers his family made a deal to turn his dream into a reality TV project. He’d rather run into a burning builing than work with his childhood nemesis–on camera.
But it’s not easy with a TV crew in town stirring up trouble, spreading rumors, creating buzz. Not to mention the inconvenient sudden attraction that sparks every time Rachel and Beckett fight.


Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. She’s the author of more than twenty romances, and believes that stories of love and hope are important. Love can happen at any age and she often writes about vibrant and passionate characters finding love later in life. She’s a snowbird, spending the winters in sunny Florida, and the rest of the year in beautiful western New York with her real life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s her inspiration.