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Hi Wendy here to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a wife, a mom and an avid reader. 
Our love for animals shows with our house full furbabies and a few feather wearers too.
I  have worked full time at a Pediatric Dental office for 20+ yrs and have been in the dental field for 27 years.

I found my love for books during the Twilight boom and have been reading ever since. I enjoy all genres but my favorites are paranormal, contemporary and historical romance. I have recently started to read young adult books written by my favorite authors and they are  becoming a favorite of mine.

February 2013 I went to my first mini con " Coastal Magic" and met some great authors. I learned a lot about the authors themselves and how important it is to write a review. I'm not a writer so learning the best way to hone my review writing skills is coming slowly, so please be patient.

 I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to chatting with you.

 Please feel free to contact me to promote your book at : bindingaddiction@gmail.com

Added April 15th, 2020:

I am accepting NEW author clients for virtual assistant or a social media manager, ( full or part time) if you are looking for someone, please email me with your needs and we can see if I am a fit ! 

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