Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review- Lady X ~ by Claudy Conn

My two favorite genres, paranormal and historical romance come together for an excellent story! 

Claudy Conn always pulls me into her journey and this time I was spell bound ! 

A witch from today  travels through time to hide from her father in order to prevent  an unwanted marriage. She is alone and is told by her mother not to use her powers, her father could track her if she uses them, so she must blend into the past and bid time until she can return when she is strong enough to fight her fathers compulsion. 

When she meets a man and is attracted to him. She is unsure of her path, should she pursue this man or keep to herself ? Does she feel her magic take part in this or is it her imagination?   



Claudy Conn used to write regencies and historical romances as Claudette Williams/Melanie Davis (over 40 mass market bestsellers) for Fawcett, Zebra and Doubleday Book Club. She took a break from it for a time and then discovered the world of paranormal romance.

Originally from New York, she and her husband, Bob, now reside in North Carolina and are always hiking, swimming, traveling, playing with their wolf and her son and the horses.

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