Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review- Darkness Becomes Her by Jamie Rush

The Offspring, Book 6
Avon Books (May 29, 2012)
ISBN-13: 9780062018854 ♦ ISBN-10: 006201885X
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They live ordinary lives,but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of amysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger.
Power Junkie: Lachlan McLeod spent wild years astrally projecting himself into other times and places. But he doesn’t get out much anymore—not after the fatal mistake that cost him a precious loved one.
Pixie Fugitive: Jessie isn’t having a bad day. She’s having a bad lifetime. After the terrifying act of supernatural violence that destroyed her family, she’s been on the run for years. But now her ruthless enemy is drawing closer . . . and her own powers have finally awakened.
They’re two people who don’t play well with others. But they’re going to have to learn to, and quickly. Because they’re the only two people in the world who can save each other—and their passion is the only thing that can save the world.

My Review ( keep in mind this is a old review when I first started writing reviews)

I gave this a five star review.

 This was my first book from this author ...and I was hooked right off the bat. I was drawn in by the storyline and there was action around every corner. If you like strong men and even stronger women ,then you will want to follow this series. Paranormal has sky rocketed these last few years and this series is at the top. To get to know Jessie and Lachlan pick up this book and found out for yourself how great this book was. 


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Happy Reading!! ~ Wendy 

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