Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweet Temptation Blitz :The Babysitters by Dark Inferno

Title: Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter
Author: Dark Inferno
ISBN: 9781310335747  ASIN: B00I5RD19M
Series: first in my Sweet Temptations Saga 
Publication Date: 01/2014 Length: 11,700 words Age Group: Adult
Genre: Erotic Drama
Publisher: Self Published/Dark Inferno
Meet Richard Martin...  He's Well mannered, married to his beautiful university sweetheart, work's in a job he can't stand with people who mostly drive him nuts, and so sexually frustrated he's about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius.  Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by good to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what's right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks? 

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