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Book Tour ~ The Missed Kiss by Nicola Lowe


                                                                Title:The Missed Kiss

                                                                Page Count: 284 (paperback)

                                                                Word Count: 75,360

                                                                Genre: Contemporary Romance

                                                                Publisher: N.Lowe Publishing

                                                                ISBN: 9781916907911 (ebook)

                                                9781916907904 (paperback)

                                                                Release Date 1st July 2021

                                                                Amazon Link:

                                                              Price: Ebook - $4.18   Paperback - $8.35

                                                              Kindle Unlimited – Free

                                                              Audiobook – $23.94 or 1 Audible Credit


Lily loves her life, her job and her two best friends, she does not need romance to

come along and mess that up! Nobody is more surprised than she is when after a blind date,

she finds herself falling head over heels in love with Zack. 

But Zack isn’t the only one with feelings for her. Lily’s heart and body are about to be torn

between two very different men, as she tries to find a way to hold on to both of them. Lily

hasn’t met “The One’, she has met ‘The Two’. 

Can she have it all? Or will she be forced to make an impossible decision?

Get ready to fall in love… 

Excerpt from first chapter

Zack definitely had the tall, dark and handsome look going on,

with a smattering of dark stubble that looked as though he was

relaxed about his appearance, but I expected was styled. I

snapped out of ogling him as Cassie gave my hand a squeeze

and crossed over the road so she could keep an eye on me for

a few minutes.

As I headed towards him, focused on not tripping over or otherwise

making an idiot of myself, my throat was dry with nerves. I prayed

this was in fact him and I wasn’t about to approach a complete

stranger, waiting for his wife or friend. My chestnut brown hair was

in a loose plait, I flicked it forwards over my shoulder as I approached,

the ends tickling my collarbone. It was one of those plaits that looked

effortless but had taken ages to get right. The man looked up with

confident eyes. “Zack?” 

I noticed how warm and genuine his smile was as he nodded. “Lily?”

At least I’d got the right person and not approached a random

stranger. Now I just needed to relax, my shoulders were so tense.

I focused on dropping them down, taking breaths like I’d practiced

so many times.

“Glad you made it. I figured this would be easier to find than a little

independent place.” He explained.

“I can find a Starbucks from miles away.” I smiled, hoping we could

break the ice.

“You’re beautiful, I didn’t expect you to look like your photograph for

some reason.” He gazed at me for a second that felt like it stretched to

minutes before I saw a subtle patch of pink appear on his cheeks. “Sorry,

let’s get coffee.”

I continued to smile, unsure how to respond as I followed, taking a

seat at a table near the window while Zack joined the queue. How does

he not look nervous? I tapped my foot against the table leg ten to the

dozen, instant giveaway of my anxiety. Breathe Lily. Legs tucked under

me to stop the tapping, I repeated to myself in my head, it’s just a coffee,

it’s just a coffee

This was the same chain of coffee shop that I frequented at home,

but this branch was huge in comparison. The male baristas seemed

to all share a hipster look: shaggy beards and plug piercings. There

was a corner set up for an open mic night later that evening, which

was advertised on large posters. There was also a section selling

coffee related products and re-usable cups in all the colours imaginable.

It seemed as though people from every walk of life were gathered

here: teenage girls giggled in noisy groups, parents tried to control

toddlers and middle-aged couples gazed wistfully out of the window.

I wondered if anyone felt as anxious as me.

Author Biography

Nicola lives in North-west England with her family. She has three daughters, and therefore will never be rich or sane but does have a house full of hormones and hair bobbles!

Turning forty during lockdown spurred her to pursue her dream of writing. Once she began, she realised she couldn’t stop. Nicola loves to write any form of Romance, be it novels, short stories or poetry, she also enjoys blogging from her website.

Like her characters, she loves a glass of wine with her best friends, but sadly cannot walk in gorgeous designer heels like they do! 

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